We are an Integrative Medical team known for getting results.

We are dedicated to providing compassionate and cutting-edge medicine.

We honor the uniqueness and individuality of each of our patients.


Established in 2002, CLEAR Center of Health is dedicated to providing compassionate and cutting-edge medicine. We offer the best of Western medicine in conjunction with Naturopathic, Functional, and European Biological medicine, Psycho-emotional integration, and the latest advances coming out of Quantum medicine. This effective combination maximizes our practitioners’ ability to identify and clear the impediments to achieving optimal health and has earned us our reputation as medical detectives known for getting results.

Guided by the clear and visionary focus of Medical Director Beth McDougall, MD, we have assembled a dynamic, collaborative team of practitioners that enables us to support all aspects of a person’s healing process. We all truly care and are committed to seeing people through their passage from illness to health. We form partnerships with our patients and empower them with greater self awareness, tools, and information to make life choices that are conducive to health and clear living.

Using leading edge therapies, healing modalities and products we create individually tailored protocols to help people heal at deeper and more fundamental levels. To do this we focus on all aspects of a person, their lifestyle, and their environment. The CLEAR team shares a reverence for the exquisite intelligence of the body and for our innate ability to heal if interference is identified and removed and the needed support is provided. We don’t just eliminate symptoms but actually correct the root cause of the illness allowing for complete transformation.

Our vision is for you to reach your highest potential.

What is the end goal?

  • Vitality
  • Abundant life energy
  • Passion
  • Creative expression
  • A rewarding life filled with love, joy, and peace.
  • Expressing a higher octave of your potential.

The opportunity is here. The new you already exists. We can help you hold this vision and clear the way for greater and more precise resonance. It is like tuning a radio. Let us help you.


At CLEAR Center of Health, Inc. our mission is:

To transform the practice of Medicine.

At CLEAR, we respect the uniqueness of each individual and aim to empower every person with the ability to obtain optimal health through compassionate collaboration, individualized integrative therapies, and exceptional service.