Beth McDougall, MD, Medical Director

Beth McDougall, MD has been in medical practice for 16 years and is the founder and medical director of CLEAR Center of Health, an interdisciplinary, Integrative medical clinic in Mill Valley, California. Throughout her career Dr. McDougall has become a nationally recognized expert, speaker and community educator and has been featured in Vogue magazine and many documentaries on Integrative Medicine. As a medical student at the University of Minnesota, Dr. McDougall organized educational symposia on Integrative Medicine for the allopathic community, planned interdisciplinary health science curricula on Integrative Medicine, and helped start a university department that coordinated research, clinical services, and education in spirituality, cross-cultural medicine, and Integrative Medicine. For these and other efforts, Dr. McDougall was honored by the American Holistic Medical Association.

In practice, Dr. McDougall combines her Western allopathic Internal Medicine training with Functional, Orthomolecular and European Biological Medicine. In addition to treating complex, multifactorial conditions, she specializes in helping patients with neurodegenerative diseases. Over the last 5 years, her diagnostic skills and intuition have been enhanced by completing a masters certificate program at the Academy of Intuition Medicine® founded by Francesca McCartney, PhD and by studying with the founder of Innovative Medicine LLC, Thomas Szulc, MD. She became one of the first doctors in the U.S. to practice Bioresonance Analysis of Health (BAH), an advanced evaluation system that utilizes quantum principles to analyze all aspects of a patient’s health and develop a highly specific and personalized program of treatment. Dr. McDougall is also one of a few U.S. practitioners of ACMOS a quantum based energy balancing treatment. BAH and ACMOS have revolutionized her practice and have allowed her to unravel the most complex medical cases. Long recognized as a medical detective, these new skills along with state of the art testing have led to even greater results with patients.

Most recently Dr. McDougall has immersed herself in the study of the healing properties of water as she has found purified, structured water to be fundamental to cellular vitality and the communication and coordination of information throughout the body. She is currently forming a company that marries the most effective water purification technology with the most studied water structuring technology in the world.