Bioidentical Hormones and Longevity Medicine

In sharp contrast to synthetic hormones, Bioidentical Hormones are hormones that are exactly the same molecules as our own body makes. Because our bodies have evolved with these, they bind properly at the receptor sights, have no side effects if dosed properly, and are metabolized and cleared more effectively from the body by the liver.

CLEAR physicians are known for Bioidentical Hormone Balancing. Why? Because we pay attention to subtlety and we focus on the balance of all of the hormones. We are not interested in maintaining people’s hormones at the levels they enjoyed in their 20’s for the rest of their life. Instead we respect the changing hormonal terrain as people age and strive to optimize their hormones for a person’s stage of life. We feel this approach encourages the healthiest aging and is safe for a lifetime.

It is all about balance. Unfortunately many doctors are heavy handed with dosing of some hormones while completely ignoring other deficiencies. Over a decade ago, Beth McDougall, MD developed the CLEAR Protocol which involves balancing the adrenals, thyroid, and sex steroid hormones. If the balance of all hormones is taken into account, smaller doses of any one hormone can be used to achieve optimal results.

We find that hormone balancing is an important part of most patients’ protocol as the hormones modulate the immune system, provide anti-inflammatory support, and offer a depleted patient a “platform” to work from enabling them to better handle detox and treatment of infections. Additionally, the stress of many chronic health conditions often eventually leads to adrenal depletion and hormone deficiencies and many of the symptoms stemming from these deficiencies are mistakenly thought to be caused by the underlying illness. Balancing the hormones can be like “clearing out the background noise,” so we can focus more clearly on the underlying issues.