Health Optimization Program

For best results, the patient may choose to work with the doctor and our adjunct health optimization partner, Cynthia Mears, CN, MIM.

Many patients with complex health conditions know that the Western medical model does not serve them. Many are also realizing that the typical integrative practice model of, “Try these things and I’ll see you back in 6 weeks” doesn’t work well for them either. We have found that for many patients time, money and life energy is lost if time elapses while doses need to be adjusted, a detox reaction needs to be addressed, or if new factors arise.

When working with Cynthia Mears there is the opportunity to meet weekly to clarify the protocol, discuss progress and any new developments. She can inform the doctor if changes occur that need to be addressed. She can also help to identify hidden lifestyle factors or uncover external aggressors coming from the home that the doctor may be unaware of. As Cynthia is trained to tune into the energetic dimensions of a patient’s health, she can alert the doctor if the patient needs energetic rebalancing or some deep spiritual work. As the long term health challenge begins to unwind deeper psycho-spiritual issues may surface that the patient is ready to address.

The doctors at CLEAR and all members of the healthcare team meet weekly to discuss cases and to coordinate care.

Weekly appointments may include a review of:

  • supplements
  • symptoms/reactions
  • diet
  • general questions
  • new information/protocol changes from your doctor

Additional services offered:

Nutrition Consultation/Counseling
Energy Medicine
Truly heal Coaching