The KOSHA Method™ Diet

The Kosha Method is a personalized plant-forwarded modified ketogenic diet.

Your body is unique and your diet should be too.  The KOSHA METHOD™ is a Personalized Nutrition program that resynchronizes your body to nature’s circadian rhythm.  By optimizing your body’s natural potential to burn fat, The KOSHA method utilizes a modified plant-forward ketogenic nutrition framework that primes your liver and gut to achieve microbiome balance and support optimal fat burning potential. Unlike other ketogenic diets the focus is on healing the body and maintaining internal hormonal and gut balance as a priority. 

Using your personalized Dosha type, your program is customized based on your unique body type creating targeted, efficient and effective results. The KOSHA Method ™ includes Holistic Personalized Nutrition, Mind-Breath Practices and Self-Care rituals to shed unwanted weight easefully and restore your body’s balance.  Although the Kosha Method is effective for weight loss, it is also effective as an anti-inflammatory diet program for many health conditions including metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes, cancer prevention, and infertility or PCOS amongst others.  To find out if the program is right for you, please schedule a Nutrition Intake Visit with Dr. Mima Geere.