Mark Iwanicki, ND

Dr. Mark Iwanicki was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in a family of medical doctors. Dr. Iwanicki went to undergrad at Cornell University in Ithaca NY, where he was a pre-veterinary medical student and majored in Applied Economics and Management with a focus in Entrepreneurship. He was initially on track to attend veterinary school but decided not to attend after his health began to fail. Dr. Iwanicki was treated by Dr. Thomas Szulc, a world-renowned doctor in the Integrative Medicine field and a close family friend. After being treated with IV chelation, homeopathy, nutrition and botanical medicine for heavy metal toxicity Dr. Iwanicki was blown away by the power and effectiveness of natural medicine modalities. He decided to forgo veterinary school and pursue a career in Natural medicine instead. Dr. Szulc and his son Caspar asked Mark to join them in forming Innovative Medicine LLC, a holistic health and marketing company, in an effort to promote and disseminate awareness about European biological and Natural medicine modalities.

After serving as Chief Operating Officer of Innovative Medicine for 7 years Mark decided to return to school to pursue a clinical doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine and a masters in Acupuncture at NCNM. For the past 5 years Dr Iwanicki has spent his time studying both allopathic and western medical interventions and modalities as well as natural and holistic approaches to health and wellness. He spent 6 months on an intensive Cardiology and Pulmonary medicine internship at the Center of Natural Medicine with Dr. Martin Milner. He also spent 6 months interning with Dr. Amy Bader a world expert in detoxification, drainage and constitutional homeopathy. While in school Dr. Iwanicki won a North America wide student case writing scholarship with NDNR and had his case on paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia published in the journal. He also won the Paul C. Bragg Naturopathic student scholarship contest for his essay on the importance of diet and nutrition in a holistic health care practice.

Dr. Iwanicki’s areas of interest include chronic degenerative disease, asthma and allergy, environmental medicine, neurological disorders, autoimmune conditions, aesthetic and preventative medicine. His modalities include homeopathy, botanical medicine, IV therapy, diet and nutrition, detoxification and drainage, BAH, ACMOS, Chinese medicine and many more. On his free time Dr. Iwanicki enjoys traveling, hiking, historical fiction, cooking, animals and NYTimes crossword puzzles.