Mima Geere, M.D.

Integrative & Functional Medicine; Ayurveda; Hormonal Imbalance; Gastrointestinal Disorders; Weight & Metabolism Concerns; Metabolic Syndrome; Personalized Nutrition; Fatigue; Individual LIfestyle Programs incorporating Nutrigenomics; Gut Microbiome

“I believe that the mind, body and spirit are deeply connected and neither one can function without the others being in harmony.  As I work with you, I hold a safe space for whatever emotions and difficulties arise as you explore what is underlying your health condition.” Mima Geere, MD

Mima Geere, M.D. is a medical doctor who specializes in personalized predictive medicine. Her practice is evidence driven yet open minded. Her style is gentle and authentic, helping you face your true self with integrity and authenticity, reinforcing self-love, self-care and positive mindset to coach you through your health transformation. When working one on one with Dr. Geere, she becomes your expert consultant helping you wade through the scientific evidence in search for the truth on what is the best choice for your healthcare journey.

Through the use of Functional Medicine combined with the 5000 year old medicine, Ayurveda, her practice combines the best of modern science with natural approaches treating the root cause of various conditions including weight loss, pre-diabetes and insulin resistance, stress maladaptation, gut health, fatigue and hormonal balance while focusing on optimal nutrition and healthy aging lifestyle practices.  Dr Geere is the founder of Kosha, a health coaching platform and the creator of The Kosha Method ™, an online personalized nutrition circadian rhythm program.

Dr. Geere obtained her Masters in Nutrition Science from Columbia University, her medical training from the University of Vermont and her residency and post-doctoral fellowship from UCSF in Clinical Pathology and Informatics. She is a certified and on staff as a medical faculty consultant at the Institute of Functional medicine. She has previously held positions as medical and product director of JumpstartMD a clinic based weight management practice and Genova Diagnostics the industry leader in functional medicine testing. Dr. Geere is trained in Perfect Health at Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Center for Mind Body Medicine where she taught and treated patients in Ayurvedic Health and Functional Medicine as they healed through various health and existential life challenges.

After work you will often find Dr. Geere barefoot in her backyard vegetable garden tilling the soil, planting seeds and knitting or doing crafts with her 8 year old daughter. Dr. Geere loves to dance, paint, cook for friends and create new recipes.  Her newest hobby is weaving.



  • IFMCP – Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship – University of California San Francisco
  • Medical Residency – Clinical Pathology – University of California San Francisco
  • Medical Doctorate – University of Vermont College of Medicine
  • Post Sophomore Fellowship in Pathology – Stanford University
  • Masters In Human Nutrition – Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Bachelors of Science – McMaster University Honors in Biology and Biochemistry