Neurological Recovery

From an early age Beth McDougall, MD held the belief that the nervous system could heal and was driven to figure out how to facilitate this. She lost two very special and influential people to neurodegenerative diseases and this spurred her on to work in the department of Neurology and into research in the department of Neurobiology at the University of Minnesota during medical school. Dr. McDougall strongly considered becoming a neurologist but was disappointed that the field was focused on diagnosing neurological problems, and at best managing them but seemed not at all interested in figuring out how to heal them. This may have stemmed from the scientific bias that damage to the nervous system is permanent. Dr. McDougall knew there was possibility for healing and she has been on a journey to uncover the pieces to the puzzle needed to facilitate neurological recovery.

Parkinson’s Disease

In Western Medicine Parkinson’s is a condition that is being poorly managed and there is no focus on healing or reversing the neurodegenerative changes. In contrast, Dr. McDougall attempts to identify and eliminate the underlying factors that caused the neurological damage (even in people with a genetic disposition to Parkinson’s) and she works to create the environment conducive to optimal neurological functioning. When treatment is necessary, she treats Parkinson’s patients with safe, natural therapies.

Initially, the patient meets with Beth McDougall, MD for two hours during which time she performs a careful history and physical. Using these findings, state of the art testing, and energetic diagnostics she works to uncover underlying factors that contributed to the development of Parkinson’s.

Common underlying issues that need to be identified and addressed to prevent ongoing neurodegeneration:

  • SIBO – small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
  • Colon Dysbiosis
  • Liver Detox abnormalities
  • Pesticide exposure and accumulation
  • Solvent toxicity
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Methylation challenges
  • Mitochondrial suppression
  • Infections: Chronic bacterial, viral, parasitic
  • Mold colonization and mycotoxin toxicity

The environment for optimal neurological functioning needs to be established with the following methods:


Fluid, tissue and cell membrane compartments

Enhance and rebalance cranial rhythm and cerebral spinal fluid flow and drainage of toxins out of the brain with osteopathy if needed.
Reestablish the appropriate field of energy and remove misinformation with ACMOS.

Reestablish the optimal cell membrane potential for nerve signal transmission with:

  • Cell membrane rehab – Patti Kane, PhD protocol
  • Introducing the highest quality purified and structured water
  • Mineral replenishment
  • Mitochondrial optimization- BX antitoxin and other support

Hinz protocol

When treatment for Parkinson’s is required, without a doubt the best treatment is the Hinz Protocol developed by Marty Hinz, MD.

This protocol utilizes the direct precursor to dopamine synthesis, L-Dopa in a standardized preparation of the product Macuna Pruriens. L-Dopa has a long history of use for treating Parkinson’s and is proven to be effective. In 1971 Carbidopa was added to L-Dopa to prevent nausea, the one side effect of L-Dopa therapy. Unfortunately disastrous side effects started to be seen. Carbidopa binds to and inactivates B6 in the body which is required for over 300 different chemical reactions. When Carbidopa is used, multiple deficiency symptoms develop over time that masquerade as “natural neurological decline” associated with the illness.

Dr. Hinz has discovered that if L-Dopa is used (without Carbidopa) in the form of Macuna Pruriens, nausea can prevented if 5HTP, the direct precursor to serotonin, is used in amounts specific to the patient’s needs. This has the beneficial effect of addressing the progressive serotonin deficiency that also develops with this neurodegenerative illnesses. Dr. Hinz has discovered that B6 supplementation is vital in these patients but is required in much higher doses if the patient has previously been on Carbidopa. He also recommends supplementing with glutathione precursors to improve the brains ability to handle chemical insults and quench free radicals to prevent further neuro-degeneration.

With this protocol people are started at low doses or converted to a dose equivalent to the amount of Sinemet they were on and the dose is gradually increased each week until the patient achieves balance. When this occurs they wake up and say, “this is how I want to feel all the time.” This protocol gives people their lives back.

Additional therapies that are invaluable:

  • Qigong for Parkinson’s
  • Daily exercise
  • Excellent diet
  • Pure, structured water
  • Periodic ACMOS treatments
  • Energy work
  • Emotion Code therapy
  • Osteopathy