Vanessa Vertin, Ph.D., LMFT

Integrative Depth Psychology; Relationship Specialist; EMDR

“I’m a true believer in integrative healthcare where all practitioners collaborate for their client/patient. Unresolved emotional and psychological issues are often a barrier to optimal health and wellbeing. By resolving these issues and learning healthy ways to deal with stress and conflict, patients find that their physiological healing is much faster and more complete.”  Vanessa Vertin, Ph.D.

As a psychotherapist, Dr. Vanessa Vertin is passionate about supporting individual clients, couples, and families through the complex journey of life. 

Dr. Vertin received her M.A. in 1993 and her LMFT license in 1996. She then attended The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco to get her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Vertin is certified in EMDR, an efficient and proven method for treating trauma, loss and various other psychological issues by resolving difficult subconscious issues quickly. She also works with the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model (a meditative form of therapy that focuses on the differences between the core self and the parts/defenses that develop through life) and the Passionate Relationship (PR) model (which focuses on non-reactivity, healthy communication and self-differentiation to help individuals learn to truly love and thrive).

Dr. Vertin started her private practice in San Francisco in 1996 and became the psychotherapist at CLEAR Center of Health in 2004. Along with her relational work, Dr. Vertin also specializes in: 

  • Developmental life transitions
  • Psychological/emotional/spiritual aspects of dealing with illness 
  • Parent/child and family issues
  • Relationship and marriage challenges
  • Work with the elderly
  • Mood disorders
  • Aging and loss/grief
  • Trauma/PTSD/abuse

Dr. Vertin is the founder of Revolutionary Love, a psychotherapy company focused on modern-day relationships whose mission is to promote the acceptance of all relationship forms and to therapeutically help every relationship thrive through revolutionizing how people think about relationships and function within them. 

Dr. Vanessa Vertin is certified in EMDR, the most cutting-edge, efficient and proven method for treating trauma, loss and various other psychological issues.