Vanessa Vertin, Ph.D., LMFT

Dr. Vertin is the founder of Revolutionary Love, a psychotherapy company focused on modern-day relationships. The mission being to promote the acceptance of all relationship forms as well as to therapeutically help every relationship thrive through revolutionizing how people think about relationship and thus, how they function within them. Vanessa is highly regarded as a therapist, and woman, dedicated to helping people create fulfilling, exciting and ever-evolving relationship lives. She is deeply committed to modernizing the institution of marriage and supporting the creative development of other chosen forms of lasting relationship. Working with Vanessa allows people to create the lives and relationships they want – across the board — based on their own truth and self-actualization while overcoming any beliefs, strictures, institutions, defenses, cultural or family expectations that may impinging on their true selves. When people’s needs for intimacy and freedom are met and in balance, real, organic commitment emerges. This is truly integrative work culminating in authentic love and life.

This passion for relational work weaves its way through her other specializations, which include:
Developmental life transitions
Psychological/emotional/spiritual aspects of dealing with physiological illness (holistic health)
Parent/child and family issues
Work with the elderly
Mood disorders
Aging and loss/grief

Dr. Vertin is certified in EMDR, the most cutting-edge, efficient and proven method for treating trauma, loss and various other psychological issues. It is honored for its ability to resolve difficult subconscious issues quickly while providing an amazing level of relief from psychological pain.

Vanessa is also an experienced, ever-evolving practitioner of two highly-effective forms of therapy: the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, and the Passionate Relationship (PR – also called Passionate Marriage) model, developed by Drs. David Schnarch and Ruth Morehouse. IFS is a meditative form of therapy that focuses on the differences between the core self and the parts/defenses that one takes on as they develop through life. This work is transformative in that it allows for one’s defenses to release and change into more helpful allies on the path back to one’s authentic, self-led life. PR is known as the most impactful, and scientifically-proven, way of living a fulfilling sexual and relational life with one’s partner/s. By focusing on the concepts of non-reactivity, healthy communication and self-differentiation, couples grow and evolve into mature, loving, individuated people who know how to truly love and thrive.

Dr. Vertin started her private practice in San Francisco in 1996 and became the psychotherapist at CLEAR Center of Health in Mill Valley in 2004. She collaborates with many other doctors and practitioners in the Bay Area and is a true believer in integrative healthcare where all practitioners collaborate for their client/patient. This is the approach to treatment at CLEAR and has returned clients to balanced health at a much faster rate than those treated in a less integrated fashion.

Vanessa received her bachelor’s degree in 1991 from The College of St. Benedict, a woman’s college in Minnesota, where she received a B.A. in Psychology with minors in Sociology and Music. She went directly into the Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s program at the University of San Diego and specialized in gender dynamics and coupling relationships. She received her M.A. from USD in 1993 and her LMFT license in 1996. Vanessa then came to The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco to get her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with specializations in feminist research, holistic health and relationships. She has worked extensively with couples of all sexual preferences, relational structures and combinations. Her doctoral dissertation was entitled, “Coupling Relationships: Freedom, Intimacy, and the Institution of Marriage”.

Vanessa’s internships spanned over 6,000 hours of therapy and took place mainly in community service/social justice organizations and private practice. She worked with Catholic Charities as a client advocate during her bachelor’s degree in Minnesota. Her master’s level internships were at Episcopal Community Services in San Diego where her main clients were survivors of incest, people with mood disorders, domestic violence victims as well as perpetrators, and couples. For her doctoral rotations she was at The Institute for Health and Healing at CPMC and Marin Community Mental Health. In these placements, she was able to work intensely with elders, people struggling with depression and anxiety, people with breast cancer, in-patient populations suffering with psychosis, children and their families, and couples.

Vanessa lives in Mill Valley with her family and is currently taking new clients at both locations. Please call 415-807-9063 or email to schedule an appointment.