“It is my belief after over a decade of practicing ACMOS, that in the hands of the right practitioner, there is no more profound therapy. I have had the opportunity to witness miracles on a regular basis.” — Beth McDougall, MD

We think of ourselves as solid “objects” but really we are 99.9% open space. New thinking in physics suggests that what holds our molecules together, organizes them into our physical form, and orchestrates our exquisitely complex physiology is a field of information. Our information field can get contaminated by “misinformation.” Every toxin, microorganism, every medication or supplement we take, every stored emotional trauma we’ve experienced has its own unique electromagnetic signature that is either compatible with our field or incompatible. Incompatible signatures create energetic disharmony that weakens our field. Additionally, we are bombarded by energetic pollution in the form of WiFi, SMART meters, portable electronic devices, and cell towers. This misinformation and energetic pollution can have profoundly negative effects on our health and physiology.  To address the true cause of illness, imbalance in this information field must be rectified. ACMOS identifies and removes chaotic energy and interference patterns caused by misinformation and restores the proper instructions for your physiology.  

What can I expect with ACMOS Energy Balancing Therapy?

Many patients report feeling immediate changes physically and emotionally after an ACMOS energy balancing session.  People report feeling that the “lights have been turned back on” as bioenergetic circuitry is systematically reconnected. ACMOS allows the body to regain and achieve its highest healing potential and is an important part of almost every successful treatment plan.