Beth McDougall, MD, Medical Director

Neurodegenerative Disease; Chronic Illness; Lyme and Infectious Disease

“Since childhood, my passion has been to unravel the mysteries of the human body. This ongoing passion has taken me from medical school, to studying Qi Gong in China, functional medicine and to training in European Biological Medicine. Progressively, I have found solutions to illness by focusing on the energetic nature of our biology and how this couples with the lifeforce energy inherent in our natural world.  I now find myself advancing a new health paradigm, one at the intersection of medicine and contemporary physics which I believe contains the solutions for reversing disease, slowing aging and alleviating many of the challenges we face collectively.”  Beth McDougall, M.D.

Beth McDougall, MD has been in medical practice since 1998 and is Founder and Medical Director of CLEAR Center of Health. Founded in 2002, CLEAR offers the best of Western Medicine in conjunction with Naturopathic, Functional, European Biological, and Ayurvedic Medicine, as well as the latest advances from Unified Field Physics. 

Dr. McDougall is known as an early pioneer, influential in integrating Complementary Alternative Medicine into Western Medical Academia.  As a medical student at the University of Minnesota, she organized a recurring series called Bridging the Gap – first of its kind, where she invited well known thought leaders on Integrative Medicine to speak at her medical school. Later she was one of two students chosen for a historic and trailblazing multidisciplinary task force at the U of M to create a university department coordinating research, clinical services, and education in spirituality, cross-cultural medicine, and Integrative Medicine that was later followed by Harvard and UCSF.  As a student, she was honored by the American Holistic Medical association for her efforts.

After Internal Medicine residency at the U of M, Dr. McDougall entered private practice in 1998 at the San Francisco Preventive Medical Group, the oldest Integrative Medicine Practice in the Country.  In 1998, Dr. McDougall was among the very first group of physicians to go through Functional Medicine training in the US. She opened her own clinic, CLEAR Center of Health in 2002 in Mill Valley, CA.  

Long known as a medical detective, Dr. McDougall excels at unravelling complex, multifactorial conditions, and specializes in helping patients with chronic illness and neurodegenerative diseases. She has a masters certificate from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® and has studied with the founder of Innovative Medicine LLC, Thomas Szulc, MD. She became one of the first U.S. doctors to practice Bioresonance Analysis of Health (BAH), an advanced evaluation system using quantum principles that helps her develop a highly specific and personalized program of treatment. Dr. McDougall is also one of a few U.S. practitioners of ACMOS, a quantum medicine energy balancing treatment. 


Dr. McDougall is contributing to an emerging medical paradigm at the intersection of medicine and contemporary physics, and has coined the term Unified Field Medicine describing health in the larger context of our relationship to the life force that informs, animates, and connects us all. Thinking about health in this larger context provides solutions for reversing disease, slowing aging, and optimizing our lives. Her book introducing this paradigm, Your Pristine Blueprint is due out 2021.


Dr. McDougall is the Chief Medical Officer of Resonance Technologies Group health portfolio: Divina, Sonaphi, Sourcewave, and Aeon – companies with energetic diagnostic and healing technologies based in resonance physics. She sits on the advisory board for The Academy of Intuition Medicine, Energy Medicine University and the scientific advisory board for the Resonance Science Foundation.  She is founder and majority owner of CLEAR Health, LLC which is developing resonant health technologies and frequency infused consumer health products. 


  • B.S., PreMed, Physiology, University of Minnesota 
  • M.D., University of Minnesota Medical School
  • Residency: Internal Medicine, University of Minnesota Hospital
  • Certificate in Functional Medicine
  • Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® – Academy of Intuition Medicine 
  • Certificate in BioResonance Analysis of Health Practitioner – American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry