“When I did the VibraSound session, I felt suspended in the cosmos while having extraordinary visions about my dharma and service to humanity. Meanwhile, I felt concreted and stuck energy in my physical form being dissolved by vibration and replaced by light. After practicing medicine for over 20 years and dealing with my own health challenges, I have come to feel that this stuck energy in the body, which is often left over from un-metabolized emotion related to previous trauma, is the nidus for disease. The VibraSound works on a fundamental level I have been trying to reach with people for decades.”
Beth McDougall, M.D.

A loop of sound, vibration, light, and breath balances the autonomic nervous system and places the brain in a theta state promoting deep meditation, self-reflection, and intention manifestation. It effectively moves us from a state of fight or flight to a state of peace and balance.   

VibraSound uses biofeedback sensory resonance technology based on decades of research and development that allows you to hear, see, and feel music in every cell of your body. Light, breath biofeedback, and vibro-acoustic technology help to transmute interference leading to true healing. 

Sessions are 60 minutes in length.