Lyme Disease

Acute Lyme disease is relatively simple to treat. Chronic Lyme disease, however, can only be treated effectively if the best of integrative medicine is brought to bear on the situation. Patients often suffer with chronic symptoms that are undiagnosed for years before finally being attributed to Lyme disease. By that time, many systems of the body have become imbalanced by the stress of this chronic infection making treatment more complex. CLEAR physicians all treat Lyme disease and understand that it becomes a multi-system disorder that needs to be systematically unwound.

Our primary focus is to restore the health and vitality of your body so that the organisms are no longer a match for your cells. To determine any underlying issues that need to be addressed, we take a careful history and perform a physical exam, do state of the art laboratory testing, and energetic diagnostics (BAH).

To create an environment that is no longer hospitable to pathogens, we work with:

  •  Detoxification (this is continued throughout treatment)
  •  pH optimization
  • Restoring cell membrane integrity
  • Optimizing mitochondrial function and intracellular energy production
  • Hormone balancing
  • Mineral replenishment
  • Immune system modulation
  • Diet and lifestyle optimization    

Once we have laid this foundation, we turn our attention to killing pathogens. We almost exclusively use natural modalities such as herbs and oxidative treatments. We can often take care of multiple classes of organisms: chronic intracellular bacteria, parasites and biofilm colonies, fungal infections and viruses at the same time.

Complicating factors such as mold, dental pathology, emotional trauma and environmental exposures might need to be addressed in order to fully heal from Lyme disease.