The CLEAR physicians understand that mold exposure can be an important underlying factor with many chronic health conditions.  When someone is exposed to mold we look at the way it has affected their bodies from a variety of angles:  Allergies, Mycotoxin illness, Mold Colonization.  

Sometimes people have significant mold allergies and their symptoms are mostly related to their immune system reacting to mold antigens present in their environment. Sometimes people have absorbed mycotoxins produced by mold and have significant symptoms produced by these toxins as they can suppress mitochondrial energy production and disrupt cell to cell communication. With significant exposures, sometimes people also colonize mold in their sinuses or less often the lungs and intestinal tract and then carry mold with them even if they move away from the sight of exposure.  Colonization can cause chronic health problems because the mold can produce mycotoxins that leak into the system from the site of colonization. We have tests to assess all of these potential issues that can result from mold exposure.    

To treat these issues we first advocate removing the source of exposure and have resources for both home testing and mold remediation.

We support detoxification of mycotoxins with oral and in more serious conditions, with intravenous support. We treat colonization directly with a wide range of natural and pharmaceutical oral remedies and sinus sprays. 

We have successfully helped the most severe cases of health collapse from significant mold exposure, and brought people who have been completely disabled back to full vital living.