Neurological Recovery

“Western science assumes that damage to the nervous system is permanent. After losing two very special people earlier in my life to neurological disease, I became determined to prove that assumption wrong.” -Beth McDougall, MD

Parkinson’s Disease

In Western medicine, Parkinson’s is a condition that is being poorly managed with no focus on healing or reversing the neurodegenerative changes. 

Initially, the patient meets with Dr. McDougall for two hours during which time she performs a careful history and physical. Using these findings, state of the art testing, and energetic diagnostics, she works to uncover underlying factors that contributed to the development of Parkinson’s in that individual.

Common underlying issues that may need to be identified and addressed to prevent ongoing neurodegeneration:

  • SIBO – small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
  • Colon dysbiosis
  • Liver detox abnormalities
  • Pesticide exposure and accumulation
  • Solvent toxicity
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  •  Methylation challenges
  • Mitochondrial suppression
  • Infections: chronic bacterial, viral, parasitic
  • Mold colonization and mycotoxin toxicity
  • Dental pathology

After the underlying issues have been identified and eliminated, Dr. McDougall turns her attention to healing the brain.