The HCG Diet

The dietary decisions we make every day play a significant role in how our body decides what to do with the food we take in: whether we burn it as energy or store it as fat to use later. These decisions influence our metabolic rate and ultimately determine whether we lose or gain weight.

There are multiple hormonal factors that influence whether the body will burn fat or store it. It was once thought that losing weight was simply a mathematical equation – eat fewer calories than are burned and you will lose the difference. However, many people who try to make healthy food choices and are physically active are still unable to lose weight. This frustrating situation is primarily due to an altered metabolic set point hampering their ability to burn stored fat.

In addition to balancing the endocrine system, a powerful tool the CLEAR physicians use to beneficially alter this set point and to re-establish the brain’s connection with the fat burning hormone leptin is the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) Diet. 

Patients have a transformative experience with the HCG Diet program. They often experience a fundamental shift in the way they relate to food and nurture themselves, gaining greater insight into any unhealthy patterns. Although patients can lose significant weight quickly the support they receive and insights gained through the program allow these changes to last.