At the core of our process at CLEAR Center of Health, we each develop an intensive doctor-patient partnership that allows us to see the distinct complexities of an individual’s health. We offer the best evidence-based medicine that support the body’s innate healing processes. We empower our patients with knowledge so that they may gain greater insight to their health. So focused is our comprehensive clarity on our patients health issues that we are often called “medical detectives” by our grateful patients.

Beth McDougall, M.D., Medical Director

Neurodegenerative Disease
Chronic Illness
Lyme and Infectious Disease

Kate Tenney, N.D.

Naturopathic Gynecology
Integrative Oncology Support
Lyme and Infectious Disease
Longevity Medicine
Bio-Identical Hormones
Hormone Weight Loss Therapy

Drew Sinatra, N.D.

Integrative / Holistic Family Medicine
Adrenal, Thyroid and Gastrointestinal Therapy
Lyme and Infectious Disease
Bio-Identical Hormones
Hormone Weight Loss Therapy

Vanessa Vertin, Ph.D.

Integrative Depth Psychology
Relationship Specialist


Brian Smith, DDS

Seth A. Linn D.O.M.P. (CAN)


Beth McDougall, M.D., Co-Founder, Medical Director

Rob Constantine, Co-Founder, CLEAR Center of Health